Using a simple photoshop I managed to edit the photos. I wanted to add in an element of magic, like Annie Lebovitz disney photos, however I did still want it to be editorial and classy finding the balance was important.

I’m quite a novice when it comes to photoshop but no how to layer images over the top of each other. To get the magical effects I used images of smoke, the northen lights, light streaks and sparks. All things that are associated with magic. The first effect I did looks magical but too bold, It does look magical but almost looks too photo-shopped which defeats the point of it appearing like magic. Would not work for editorial.


I layed the same images over this photo I liked the idea that you could see the evils of the box coming out of the shrunken heads like spirits. This image is too bold but once it is faded down it works quite well



Edit3.jpg edit2.jpgThese are done with just one large image overlayedI especially like this one in the black and white

After I have added these effects to the images I’ll then add words over the top so that it looks like the magazine covers that I researched.