3 2Application List

  • Prepare skin for application of prosthetic (wipe toner over face concentrating on areas where flat pieces are going)
  • Place prosthetic on face where you want it Powder around edge leaving mark
  • Put Pros aide onto the silicone part of flat piece
  • Place onto skin lining up with powder
  • Peel back and dry
  • Stick piece down
  • Glue down edging making sure to dry the glue
  • Using IPA melt off the rest of the cap plastic.
  • Do this with both pieces


  • Apply foundation over the face avoiding the silicone peices
  • Using skin Illustrator match the pieces to the skin tone flicking on with brush
  • paint the teeth
  • Apply the rest of make-up according to design


  • brush through hair add curl using wand
  • Roll back hair on both sides pinning all hair to right side
  • Pin in dreadlocks and hair pieces into right hand side of hair
  • Cross pin head piece into hair hiding ends and any grips

Nose piece

  1. Pin into either sides of the hair tight enough so it stays but not too tight that it is uncomfortable for the model
  2. Mix up a small amount of sculpt gel
  3. Place underneath the beads on the septum of nose
  4. Hold in place then apple small amount over the top blending edge
  5. Hold in place until set
  6. Colour to match rest of face